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Pannalai is a village belongs to (the administrative division of) Vali- north Divisional Secretariat. The name of the village was created due the culture and habits (“Panpaadu”) followed by the people in ancient time. People of highly qualified professionals, famous Ayurvedic Doctors, talented fine Artist lived here. It is one of the agricultural areas, which has high fertile red soils, good quality underground water and hard working farmers. Farmers are specialized in betel, grapes, yams and tobacco production and sold in other district and earned more money from farming. Producing palmyra products as cottage industry, weaving and hand loom works are carried out as small scale industry. Livestock rearing are practiced by most of the people at small scale level. One cattle farm and number of poultry farms are running on medium scale for commercial purpose.

Historically important place” Varaththalam Pillayar Temple” was built by the Princes “Maarutapuraveekavalli” who arrived from India a long time ago. All people who lived here are Hindus. This area is densely populated before 1990’s. People were fully displaced in 1990’s and temporally settled down in adjoining places as internally displaced refugees. They went to India and other countries as refugees and faced
more difficulties for satisfy their needs like education, protection, food, clothes and health.

During 1990-1991 people displaced and partially allowed for resettlement during

1997-98. Full replacement has been taken place in 2009. Displaced people have not been fully compensating the loss of assets caused by the displacement yet. Development activities are in progress in the form of emergence of new building and refurbishment of older one. These activities encourage and create willingness for people to resettle in their own place. Renovation of road network and establishment of public service building speed up the resettlement process in this village. Due to scarification of resettled people, with through aids from Govt. and NGO’s, people obtained satisfactory level of standard at present. All resettled people enjoy electricity, quality drinking water and better road network but not fully compensated the loss caused by displacement.


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அதி நவீன வசதிகளுடன் விரைவான மற்றும் இலகுவாக சென்றடையக்கூடிய தகவல் பரிமாற்ற முறையில் இனி பன்னாலை உறவுகள் யாவும் தமது சொந்த கிராமத்தினை தமது உள்ளங்கையிலே வைத்திருக்க முடியும். சமூக வலைத்தளங்கள் மற்றும் இணையத்தளங்களிற்கு செல்லாமலே பன்னாலை உறவுகள் யாவும் இந்த அரிய தொழில்நுட்ப வசதியின் மூலம் தமது கிராமத்துடன் என்றும் இணைந்திருக்க முடியும்.

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